Lab Members
Principal Investigator
Postdoctoral Researchers
Begüm Alural, PhD (CIHR Postdoctoral Researcher, co-supervised with Nina Jones)
Research Associate
Tiana Gluscevic, MBIOT (Canurta)
Graduate Students
Jennifer Holborn, BSc (PhD Candidate)
Natalina Becke, BSc (PhD Student)
Ananya Aneja, MSc.BMED (co-supervised with Jon LaMarre)
Undergraduate Research Trainees
Ellis Chartley, BSc in Neuroscience, CBS Summer Research Assistantship (University of Guelph)
Lia Reynolds, BSc in Neuroscience (University of Guelph)
María Paula Cadena Malaver, Mitacs Globalink Research Internship (National University of Colombia)
Kimia Mehrafshan, Bachelor of Arts & Science (University of Guelph)
Zhi-Xian (Andrea) Cui, BSc in Science-Chemical Biology (McMaster University)
Former Graduate Students
2018/22 - Alicia Walczyk-Mooradally, PhD (now Associate Manager at Eversana)
2018/22 - Tristen Hewitt, PhD (now PDF at University of Helsinki Neuroscience Center)
2018/21 - Yamna Rizwan, MSc (Psychology, co-supervised with Elena Choleris)
Former Undergraduate Research Trainees
2023/24 - Allison Carter (Undergraduate Research Project)
2023/24 - Erin Anderson (Undergraduate Research Project)
2023/24 - Jamie McBride (Undergraduate Research Project)
2023/24 - Adina Borenstein (Undergraduate Research Project)
2023 - Malwina Belinska (Mitacs Globalink Research Internship)
2023 - Lia Reynolds (CBS Summer Assistantship Research Award)
2023 - Ellis Chartley (NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award)
2023 - Shyue Yiing (Hazel) Kuar (Undergraduate Research Project)
2023 - Thea Moubarak (Undergraduate Research Project)
2022 - Irene González García (Visiting Scholar, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain)
2022 - Stephanie Gröschl (Mitacs Globalink Research Internship)
2021/22 - Joyce Ang (Undergraduate Research Project)
2021/22 - Xavier Rutherford (Undergraduate Research Project)
2021/22 - Kendra Loedige (Undergraduate Research Project)
2020/21 - Cara Aitchison (Undergraduate Research Project, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award)
2020/21 - Claire Gage (Undergraduate Research Project)
2020/21 - Joyce Ang (Internship in Biological Science, Research Volunteer)
2020/21 - Emma Proud (Undergraduate Research Project)
2020 - Claire Gage (CIBC Undergraduate Assistantship in Cancer Biology)
2019/20 - Jordyn Beda (Undergraduate Research Project)
2019/20 - Samana Sopariwala (Undergraduate Research Project)
2019 - Cara Aitchison (NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award)
2019 - Amanda Martins De-Sa Shmuel (Undergraduate Research Project)
2018/19 - Catherine Meng (Undergraduate Research Project)
2018/19 - Samantha Riddell (Undergraduate Research Project)
2018 - Jennifer Holborn (Undergraduate Research Project & URA)
2018 - Victoria Schenkel (Undergraduate Research Project)